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Urban ITS and Traffic Signal Design

The Smart City uses technological advances to allow people to make informed choices about when, where and by which mode to travel, while being provided with information on those journeys.  Technology also has a role to play in managing the capacity and priorities within those networks to ensure journey time reliability, irrespective of purpose.  Technology should be applied to deliver specific objectives in an efficient manner. Such solutions can bring together society, movement and the environment in such a way as to develop long term sustainable solutions.

4way services encompass all aspects of urban ITS and traffic signal design, management and supervision, from concept through to commissioning.  Our Engineers have a wealth of experience of working with aged legacy equipment, through to the latest technology.

We work alongside existing  design and maintenance teams to develop traffic signal solutions and offer specialist advice for the enhancement of existing sites and on the design and implementation of new schemes.  This includes communications, power and instation configurations.

4way deliver all elements required for a detailed traffic signal design package including MOVA and SCOOT design and validation. In addition we offer UTC database consultancy and advice, as well as guidance on traffic signal maintenance requirements.

We provide guidance on procurement strategies and offer technical support to clients throughout their tender procedures.  Our operational focus enables us to design and implement traffic signal control which meets the needs of both the network operator and road user in order to ensure best practice and optimised outcomes for all stakeholders.

In order to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution from concept through to post-commissioning validation, 4way works with trusted supply chain partners who add the following capabilities: transport planning; traffic engineering; junction design; highways and drainage infrastructure.
If you want to know more about 4way’s urban ITS and traffic signal design service and explore how we can help, please contact Shane Collins on 01926 832799 or