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Smart Motorways

As the environmental impact and financial constraints make conventional widening and the construction of new roads much less appropriate. Interventions are therefore required that help to manage movement in an economic and sustainable way. The smart motorway concept can deliver similar benefits to conventional widening and can be delivered at a reduced cost and in a more sustainable way. So, what could be the next big step for smart motorways?

Managed Motorway Services include:

  • Preparation and Support in the Production of PCF Deliverables
  • Operational and Safety Assessments
  • Options Development and Appraisal
  • Technology Systems Design
  • Technology Infrastructure Design
  • Road Lighting Design
  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision and Programme Integration Advice
  • Management of Commissioning and Co-ordination of Third Party Specialist Contractors
  • Management of Operational Handover and the ‘Consent to Implement’ Process
  • Management of Maintenance Handover
  • Tender Support – Strategy, Story Boarding and Bid Writing