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Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS)

4way is now a HERS registered organisation.  HERS regulates the electrical training and competence assessments for organisations and individual employees within our industry. As such it holds significant importance with regard to the health and safety of our employees.

HERS RegisteredThe highways electrical sector has taken steps to improve their Health and Safety record and under the leadership of the Highways Agency, has established the National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS 8). National Highway Sector Schemes are integrated management systems that have been developed in order to interpret ISO 9001 and apply its principles to specific highways activities. There is a strong focus on Health, Safety and the creation, assessment, monitoring and review of competence in those Schemes that cover service provision.  4way are now working towards the full adoption of the NHSS 8 scheme, with most of our site based staff already in possession of a valid ECS card.